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SEA FISHING TRIPS looe AND fowey ​in cornwall

Borlewen fishing Trips

Shark Fishing

UShark Fishing - 8hrs/10hrs/12hrs £425/£475/£525 for upto 5ppl

Available late June through to October ensuring the warmest sea temperatures.

Shark fishing is the nearest that you will get to big game fishing in UK waters. The main species we target locally is the blue shark. Porbeagle, Mako and Thresher sharks have also been caught, but are rare.                                                                                                
A typical day usually starts early with a 12 to 20 mile steam out into the English Channel in order to reach the Gulf Stream. On the way out we normally stop to catch fresh mackerel for bait. On arrival to the fishing grounds a chum trail is set (rubby dubby). This is bags of mashed up fish hung from the side of the boat which creates a scent trail to attract the sharks. We then set up the shark rods at a variety of depths and distances from the boat. Now the waiting game begins! Whilst waiting for a shark to bite, you will be given a rod for general fishing to give you a full fishing experience with the chance of catching your tea.
When a shark takes the bait with the sound of the screaming reel the fun begins now the fight to get the shark to the boat. This can take a while with the shark making many dives and runs. Once the shark is alongside it is brought aboard the boat with care, unhooked, measured and a quick photo before being safely returned to the water

No sharks are killed during this trip and are all released unharmed.

​maximum of 5 shark rods out

​Blue fin tuna caught whilst shark fishing weighing approx 170lb.